WATCH and get angry at the food/sugar industry

The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate, CBC Canada, 2014

Another great documentary to understand the link between sugar, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and again an upsetting proof of a food & sugar lobby in denial since 1971/1972.

If you like read further:

(…) The story begins in 1971. Richard Nixon was facing re-election. The Vietnam war was threatening his popularity at home, but just as big an issue with voters was the soaring cost of food. If Nixon was to survive, he needed food prices to go down, and that required getting a very powerful lobby on board – the farmers. Nixon appointed Earl Butz, an academic from the farming heartland of Indiana, to broker a compromise. Butz, an agriculture expert, had a radical plan that would transform the food we eat, and in doing so, the shape of the human race. (…)

Quote taken from Jacques Peretti, the Guardian, UK, 2012.
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Fighting bad Headache & Migraine with Coffee + Coconut Oil


I read again about the combination of coffee and coconut oil in various sources. So I have been trying it out since a week with great success in terms of feeling energized and working long hours or exercising! But since today I have adjusted the coffee brand I use to Yirga Cheffe a precious Coffee from Ethiopia. But why?

I like Yirga Cheffe since quite a while, but didn’t bother getting more when the shop around the corner did not have it any more. In my view it a a very rich and diverse aroma and has not too much acid. I was reassured that coffee is a major player in metabolizing fat. And I read that is does matter what kind of coffee you drink and that the way it has been washed and dried and stored makes a big difference: It avoids the possibility that it contains mold, which is not good, since its toxic. (mold = dt. Schimmel). So I went and bought 1kg of whole beans. I only later found out that storing beans at home, is also quite a challenge. Some Pro’s buy only small quantities of freshly roasted beans to avoid loosing its rich aroma. Coffee beans really attract humidity and other aromas (and can be used to dry the inside of your car and get rid of bad smell e.g.). Anyhow I have my 1 kg beans and I will keep it in the original package with a clip to close it real good. I will not put it into the fridge, nor the freezer.

Why this energy booster of “coffee + coconut oil” can help with Headache or Migraine?

For all of you who have not come across the idea that Peter Mersch suggests with his book (in German only, btw. that’s why I have my website also in English ;) – you can find an extract of his book as PDF: Migräne – Heilung ist möglich” by Peter Mersch here. (engl. it may be translated as “Migraine – Cure is possible” by Peter Mersch). // I must say I have not read the whole book, but it was my precious starting point for further research in various sources and I was able to protect myself from being a migraine victim for the rest of my life. And this LowCarb Lover website is the outcome of my own interwoven and knotted web of information I found and put together and methods I tested.

Anyhow I quickly explain the connection Peter Mersch suggested between migraine seizures and blood sugar or glycogen. The basic assumptions are:

  • Migraine and also headache may be the result of an energy crisis in your brain. Means its a lack of glycogen in your bloodstream providing your brain with energy (actually the only energy it can use). The brain needs a constant stream of 25% of that glycogen (blood sugar) even when you are asleep.


  • How this energy crisis in the brain occurs:
    If the energy stream is interrupted for too long (sleep, stress  or other energy burning activity without eating,…) the body uses an emergency strategy (if it cannot quickly enough get glycogen via “reversing” fat into glycogen). The bodie’s strategy to fight that energy crisis in the brain, is to widen (erweitern) the blood vessels in your brain. Means it tries to pass on more blood towards the cells, which are in danger to run out of energy. This vascular enhancement (Blutgefäßerweiterung) is a minor biophysical change but since the brain is a highly closed and dense environment, the wider vessels press on nerves and cause nerve irritation (Nervenreizung) and therefore pain.


  • Why “Triptane” are not really good for you and Beta-Blockers are even worth: The medication (if Exedrin, Aspirin, etc. do not help) for heavy migraine seizures are often Triptanes, which affect the Serotonin receptors, which causes the blood vessels to narrow. (“In early days the medication were beta blockers, which narrowed ALL blood vessels in the body and some people really suffered”, my doc said. Add-On: I just did a quick search. Beta-Blocker are actually still used to treat migraine symptoms. OMG!). // Ok, by using meds that cause that enlarged vessels to pull themselves back together, the “physical” pressure caused onto the nerves is removed. But playing with Meds that affect Serotonin is really not good in the long run. Triptanes help magically and quick (yes I used them for 1/2 a year, Formigran and Maxalt) after all other painkillers failed but I quickly realized I am entering a spiral of drug taking and messing with my Serotonin levels and the frequency of migraine attacks rose. I could have taken Ecstasy, which is also affecting your Serotonin levels – but probably not in the same way. I wonder if there are people, who have noticed their migraines getting worth or better after taking Ecstasy?! Well the whole Serotonin business is REALLY complex and it would need a biochemist to explain that all./


  • All symptoms, if its “being tired after eating”, “gaining weight”, “diabetes”,  etc, its all about the level of energy you provide to your body, I believe: So using Triptanes in my opinion is a trap, and I wanted to get out of this loop as fast as I could. After trying acupuncture  Chinese herbal medicine, shiatsu massage, osteopathy, Scenar, etc. and all did not help really… I went online, read and researched and studied for hours and hours in all kind o strange forum places, bodybuilder websites, medical research. I tried to find doctors and experts on that interconnected subject (migraine+blood sugar level), but no success. LowCarb and ketogenic research is still, either related to obesity, diabetes or epilepsy in children, cancer or used by bodybuilders and other performance oriented diets. But there is a link between all of those approaches and that is: All symptoms, if its being tired after eating, gaining weight, diabetes  etc, its all about the level of energy you provide to your body! And headache and migraine  is a result of a real energy crises in the brain.


  • So the question is: How to keep that (body) energy smoothly running? I “trained” my body with LowCarb and ketogenic eating habits to switch back easier to fat metabolizing. I can now eat nothing for hours. (I am against these constant little meals. It makes you depended and it also fucks up your stored energy, your battery-system (fat metabolism) and if you eat or drink a lot of carbs/sugar your blood sugar will happily jump up and down causing all these side-effects: Tired after eating, cravings for sweets, … and I would even go as far to state that you can get rid of you gluten allergy, lactose intolerance and some of those other immune system misbehaviors , all at once. (Ketogenic diet is the number #1 diet to starve cancer!) Take away those energy peaks, leave your insulin production alone and down to a very low level, manage your energy=blood sugar level by the way you eat and not by the way your body tries to cope with over-abusing the insulin production and making it fail (=diabetes).


  • Keep your energy balanced by eating the appropriate energy for your body and life-style needs! // Your cells go crazy with too much energy at once. They do stuff you don’t want them to do (The cells might behave a little bit like a kid with “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” btw. some studies suggest that ADHD is also linked to too much energy = too much sugar and carbs in kids nutrition.) And of course, just to say it: Stay away from toxic pesticides, and other artificial ingredients (But I assume, when you read this, you have heard or do maybe already some kind of health oriented, organic based, vegan, vegetarian, alkaline diets* and good fats and oils are essential for you,…) Living of fat and some protein + greens any style, is like having a well charged battery vs. running out of energy and plugging your device into the socket every hour, causing malfunctionings after a short time
    * I am not sure yet, if it is still needed to watch out for alkaline based nutrition, when living of mainly fat metabolism… That needs to be studied and tested. Because LowCarb etc. levels your cholesterol in a better way eventually… / Well, it certainly cannot harm to have less acid in your body I suppose even so I eat meat, which is acidic and those diets suggest rather not to eat meat…well.


  • Not easy to be vegan+lowcarb+lowacid+fresh+happy+and healthy+ still running a normal life person? / So I choose what works in terms of getting my Energy balanced and to avoid toxins. That’s all and I don’t think its complicated. I love the food I eat and I can still find it around the corner. I have not been in a bakery for ages, that’s true, and most shelves in the supermarkets I haven’t looked at for two years now. I don’t care, really. I care to feel good. And if I need to taste a muffin or some wild carbs pasta I eat a spoon or two. Its the amount of energy that counts in relation to what I need to function. :)


  • We are Stone Age people eating a diet (carbs and sugar) that we just cannot handle (yet). The reason, why we can run so smoothly on stored fat is, that our body is still living in stone age. It assumes that by tomorrow we might be too stupid to hunt a deer or find some berries. (The Paleo Diet is based on this idea very much). Our body holds onto every single energy molecule we provide. So every portion of energy, which we wont use instantly, will be nicely stored onto our waists and  hips. Our body wants us to survive during “lean”  (magere Zeiten) fasting times. As long as evolution has not adjusted our body to all that sugar and carbs we (are forced to) eat, we better eat less of that energy overload and resist those offerings in supermarkets. ( I am actually not sure if I want to be evolutionary adjusted to sugar and carb foods after all ;


  • Why the food industry is guilty: I believe in sovereign people. That we all should be responsible for what we do or not do. But there is a reason why we have some rules set up, why we have laws in place that protect us from our own darker sides and temptations. We also have structures that protect us from destroying our lives by our very human weaknesses . We wont sell alcohol to kids underage. We can ban ourselves from casinos once we almost lost everything, we can lock ourselves into rehabs. And we don’t sell weapons here in Europe to anybody because we don’t want no-one to loose there mind in anger or fear. But we are hunted by sugar and carbohydrates dealers, with their tricks and propaganda . They are allowed to sneak into every corner of our lives. Too sell us happiness and sugar at once. They put sugar in baby food and make us addicted before we even have a choice. They get us on the hook for a life time, battling with diets, exercising like crazy in the little free time we have, they make us feel like a failure. And they make us pay for expensive therapies sold by the same companies (?) to treat the symptoms and effects this malnutrition causes. We are sugar and carb junkies and fill the pockets of this sugar and corn/carb mafias – we do that all along the food and medical therapy chain of our lives. (In Germany the average cost of a diabetes incl. related treatments is 3800 Euros per patient, per year (!)  and 300.000 additional Germans are diagnosed with diabetes each year. (Source in German: Dt. Aertzeblatt). That is like drug dealing or selling high risk fonds to people, who don’t know better. Yes, I believe, we need to stand up against this system of malnutrition that fuels every cell of our body, that makes us addicted, unhealthy and unhappy.


  • But we are not the failure! We are victims of a cruel industry, that actually knows better: Since 1960 with the book Pure White and Deadly, John Yudkin already warned us. And this “sugar and carb” market is off the leash more then ever. (I bet my holy Yirga Cheffe Coffee on saying that, we will have a malnutrition crisis, one day – like the financial crisis now).


  • Reclaim your food! As long as we have no governments being aware of that or sticking to the sugar lobbies and as long as we have the opposite food pyramids in place (eat bread, whole grain rice, etc.), we need to protect ourselves from going down the sugar death alley with knowing and doing it better. And I know its not easy to resist, when it tastes to good, when it stares at you at any corner, when ads make you believe its all good for you. The only institution in Germany trying to fight backthis industry is foodwatch (ENG/D/F) . The helpless but at least attempt to start rebelling, was to put a green/yellow/red traffic light labels as a calorie indicator (Nährwertampel) on packages has not been put into place. Calories=Energy, yes, those labels are a good idea but its not quiet the same idea as the LowCarb way I believe in, because the energy (calories) in each single nutrition/food is released or metabolized in a different way. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower etc. I use the Glycemic Load as an index to differentiate what food to eat.


  • Become your own Energy Manager! 
    What I want to say, or offer is the idea of thinking of your body as an organism that needs an energy management that fits to its actual state of evolution and to the way you are “actively or inactively” using it (your body). It does not know, that you sit in front of computer screens all day, that we have 24/7 supermarkets and full fridges and food at every corner and that our body does not need to store the excess energy as fat after all. If you may suffer migraines, or major headaches that you know, don’t relate to other causes, maybe try to get on the fat and protein based nutrition eating track. And maybe start with a coffee plus coconut oil in the morning. I felt a light migraine coming this morning. Without eating or drinking anything else I made a Yirga Cheffe Americano with a tbl. Spoon of Coconut Oil and a sip of milk. The idea of an migraine was gone within 15min. An I am typing away now since 3h on the one cup of coffee and a tablespoon of this holy coconut oil = medium length triglycerides (MCT) which it is made of. :) Because those MCTs (fatty acids) just went straight to my brain and hindered my personal energy crisis right away. How to make that LowCarb Lover Coffee Kickstarter you can read here.


*I apologies for misspelling and typos. I am a non-native.*

 While you have your coffee maybe briefly go here. There is already a congress on exactly that energy management approach: / I did not go but I would if I could. ;)



LowCarb Lover Kickstarter in the Morning!


Adding coconut oil to your morning coffee can be a real energy boost. Coconut Oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that quickly transform into energy. :) and it tastes nice.

Adding coconut oil to your coffee is not all new – but might still sound crazy to some people.
But a LowCarb or Ketogenic orientated Lifestyle takes you to new places and new perspectives towards any kind of nutrition: To live LowCarb means to manage your ENERGY. It means looking at any food as an energy carrier and realizing that you can be that creative investigator and manager on getting the energy and ingredients that do best for your own body.

Its a little bit like being your own lowcarb alchemist. :) Keep exploring, keeping looking under the skin of your food, dishes and habits. Try to see what is IN it and what kind of energy your body will GET FROM IT. Read, research, explore, learn, develop and listen to your body!


Alcohol Liver Insights

Drinking Alcohol & Blood Sugar Levels

A very common question is asked by people with diabetes – If I drink alcohol will it lower my blood sugars?

It depends a lot on how much alcohol one drinks.

Some people who have diabetes can safely drink moderate amounts of alcohol, but for others any amount of alcohol intake can have very negative health consequences.

Alcohol has a different effect in different people. Drinks such as Beer, some wines, and Alco Pops contain carbohydrates, and will make blood sugars go up while you’re drinking, but generally blood sugar will drop later.

The reason blood sugars drop later is due to the liver not being able to produce glucose (glycogen) that the body needs when blood sugars are low because it’s too busy processing the alcohol.

The liver is not very good at multi-tasking.

When blood sugar levels drop, the liver usually begins to produce glucose from stored carbohydrates to compensate. But drinking alcohol blocks the liver’s ability to do this.

The liver treats alcohol as a toxin and works to rid the body of alcohol as quickly as possible. The liver will not produce glucose again until the alcohol has been processed and cleared from the body.

Normally, if you haven’t eaten for a while, your body uses its liver stores of glucose (glycogen) for energy. In addition, alcohol can increase or prolong the action of your insulin or oral agents. In fact, the glucose-lowering action of alcohol can last 8 to 12 hours after you had your last drink.

Delayed low blood sugars (hypoglycemia) may occur up to 16 hours after heavy drinking. So if you overdo it, keep your blood glucose levels topped up with carbohydrate. After drinking, make sure you have carbohydrate before you go to bed and at breakfast, and monitor your blood glucose levels closely.

Exercise can also decrease blood sugar levels — because the liver takes glucose from the blood and sends it to the muscles — drinking immediately following exercise is likely to accelerate the blood sugar dropping process.

Spirits, which have a high alcohol concentration and little carbohydrate, can drive blood sugar levels down quickly and profoundly, especially when taken on an empty stomach.

The same advice applies to anyone whether they have diabetes or not – It’s not a good idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach as the alcohol will be absorbed into your blood stream too quickly

Drinking for example a few beers will cause the blood sugar to go up a bit at first, although the overall effect will be for it to go down, so you need to eat before you drink, while you are drinking and afterwards. Having a couple of bags of crisps with your drinks and some cereal or toast when you get home isn’t any different from what your friends will be doing. Alcohol puts their blood sugars down too so they’ll be hungry as well.

Drinking 1 bottle of beer with your meal should be counted as part of the meal’s total carbs, and shouldn’t do anything towards lowering blood sugars.

I don’t know who to thank for this handy list, but some may find it helpful:…_Common_Drinks

You can also use sites like: to determine the carbs in your favorite tipple.


Künstlich Zucker im Urin – was angeblich Diabetes mildern soll…

Es gibt wohl Menschen, mit einem Gendefekt, deren Körper Glukose nicht in Fett verstoffwechselt, sondern ausscheidet.

Durch Medikamente herbeigeführt soll dieses Prinzip nun für Diabetiker möglich werden. D.h. durch Medikamente wird der Körper dazu veranlasst den “Zucker” mit dem Urin auszuscheiden. Leider macht die viele Glukose im Urin dann andere Entzündungen Tor und Tür auf. Interessanter Artikel – in meinen Augen jedoch eher eine Symptombekämpfung.

Stoffwechselerkrankung: Den Urin versüßen und Diabetes mildern – FAZ.NET

(…)Für eine neue Strategie gegen die Zuckerkrankheit stand ein seltener Gendefekt Pate. Substanzen, die diesen Gendefekt beim Typ-2-Diabetiker imitieren, sind…(…)


Eiweiß Pflanze Lupine















(…) Lupinensamen enthalten hochwertiges Eiweiß, das sowohl als Ersatz für importiertes Soja im Viehfutter (nicht für Pferde) als auch in der menschlichen Ernährung (nur ungiftige Zuchtsorten) eingesetzt wird. Die Nutzung der Lupine wurde durch die Züchtung von Sorten mit wesentlich geringeren Anteilen an Bitterstoffen und Giftstoffen (sogenannten Süßlupinen) ab Anfang der 1930er Jahre erheblich erleichtert.[2] Süßlupinen sind durch die Bitterstoffarmut aber anfälliger für Krankheiten und Schädlinge. (…)
Foto: self-made by Hedi Schäfer
Original: 12:33, 6. Jan. 2009 . . 465×620 (143 KB) . . MadeleineSchäfer

LowCarb Müslibasis Optionen (Quinoa, Buchweizen,…)





Schwarze leckere Belugalinsen GL ca. 12-14?
(…sollte ähnlich, wie bei anderen Linsen sein.)

Buchweizen, Vollkorn (dunkles Korn) 28
Quinoa 20,5
Hirse 48,3
Müsli, ohne Zucker 25
Reis, Langkorn 45

Sojabohnen (getrocknet) 4,4
Stangenbohnen 0,5
Weiße Bohnen, Perlbohnen 7
Adzuki-Bohnen 16,8

Bohnen, grün 1,5
Bohnen, rot 5,6
Bohnen, rot (Dose) 6,4
Bohnen, schwarz 15,2
Bohnenkerne, grün (Flageolet) 3,9

Dicke Bohnen, gekocht 8,8
Dicke Bohnen, roh 4,4

Limabohnen (getrocknet) 4,1
Linsen (getrocknet) 14,5
Linsen, braun 12
Linsen, gelb 12
Linsen, grün 10

Mungobohnen 1,4
Stangenbohnen 0,5
Weiße Bohnen, Perlbohnen 7

Quelle: Tabelle Glykämische Last (Copyrights: