LowCarb Lover Kickstarter in the Morning!


Adding coconut oil to your morning coffee can be a real energy boost. Coconut Oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that quickly transform into energy. :) and it tastes nice.

Adding coconut oil to your coffee is not all new – but might still sound crazy to some people.
But a LowCarb or Ketogenic orientated Lifestyle takes you to new places and new perspectives towards any kind of nutrition: To live LowCarb means to manage your ENERGY. It means looking at any food as an energy carrier and realizing that you can be that creative investigator and manager on getting the energy and ingredients that do best for your own body.

Its a little bit like being your own lowcarb alchemist. :) Keep exploring, keeping looking under the skin of your food, dishes and habits. Try to see what is IN it and what kind of energy your body will GET FROM IT. Read, research, explore, learn, develop and listen to your body!